Board Meeting

Sunday, October 19, 2014 6:00 – 9:00
Santos Restaurant, Middleburg Heights, OH

In Attendance: Sherie Skladany, Patty Riggi, Kathy Robinson, Mike Beres, Luke Chronister, Mike Skladany, Jim Mancuso, Carol Mancuso
Not Present: Dawn Hyrshko, Linda Jacobs, Shawn Smith, Kelly Thompson

I.          Opening Statement

Carol Mancuso, Executive Director
Carol welcomed and thanked everyone for coming out and called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.

II.         Board, Committee, and Member Reports

A.     Carol Mancuso, Executive Director

  • Linda Jacobs has regretfully stepped down as Vice President due to work and family needs. Will still be involved in events as in the past such as working on auction baskets.
  • Looking for someone to take Linda’s place on the board. Feel free to forward names to Carol or talk to her if you are interested in stepping up instead of just member at large.

B.     Linda Jacobs, Vice President – NOT PRESENT

  • No Report. See above.

C.     Kathy Robinson, Treasurer

  • Available Balance As Of October 15, 2014:

Friends of DBA Checking: $9,640.17
Bingo Bank Account: $4,544.84
PayPal: $258.15
TOTAL: $ 14,443.16 

  • Kathy outlined income and expenses from Bingo tabs, Golf event, and Race events. See Attached for details. 
  • Carol noted that $8,000 will be sent to DBA as a result of the golf outing to fund immediate research needs.

D.     Sherie Skladany, Secretary

  • Notes from the previous meeting are available if needed. Watch for Oct board meeting notes to come. Will need at least two people to review and approve. Was approved they will be posted on the Friend of DBA website.

E.     Shawn Smith, Media/Marketing Specialist – NOT PRESENT

  • Shawn out of town. Carol reported that photos from events will posted on the website.
  • Shawn has been handling all print and marketing materials for all events.
  • Shawn recently updated website; please review and provide feedback on redesign. He will be updating the website with ‘real’ DBA family stories and photos.

III.          Events Recap

A.   Golf – Carol Mancus

  • Golf event went well. Disappointed in number of golfers but happy about funding results. Targeted 100 golfers, but only had 52.
  • Next year we will go back to a public course and hold event on a Saturday. After that we can compare the two and see what the better option is.
  • Met with John at Briarwood Golf Course and firmed up the following details for next year:

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Registration starts at 8:30 with Continental Breakfast; Shotgun start at 10:00
BBQ lunch will be served at the Turn (hole 9/18)
Dinner will start about 3:45
COST: $76 per player: 3 meals, 18 holes with cart

  • During dinner we will have awards and prizes; not full auction.
  • Beverages on course estimate about $1,000. - $2.50 per beverage (beer only) we will provide water, pop, and sports drinks on the course. Water, pop, coffee/tea included at breakfast/lunch/dinner. Looking for $750 in beverage sponsorships to defray alcohol costs.
  • Seating in banquet room will be tables of 8.  John is giving us linens at no charge, we will bring our own centerpieces
  • $500 deposit is needed at signing of contract.
  • Price to charge: $100 - $120? Feedback from group concurs that you should charge lower fee for public course. No more than $120.
  • Mike Beres said that people will pay extra for private courses, but harder for business to pay for whole foursome on a weekday. Weather is iffy in September so golfers may not commit larger dollar amount and give up work for crappy weather.
  • Saturdays allow for husband and wife teams and families to come out and golf together.
  • Suggested golf related auction items only. Golfers who had attended in the past missed the array of auction items. Fewer higher quality items versus larger quantities.
  • Dixon Golf brought in $84. % back on golfer $ spent.
  • Need more fun on the course besides putting contests. Need to get creative. May try to find car dealer sponsor for hole in one contest.

    B.   Race – Carol Mancuso
  • So excited to have 100+ in attendance! Looking forward to possible opportunity to work with Drug Mart, Medina and hold event in the parking lot next year.
  • Luke (Elite Training) and Scott (Elite Health and Wellness) are interested in taking part and helping out with the race.
  • Spoke with Brian at Hermes:
  • Event fee is $1500 - $1800. Hermes runs everything – from registration, course set-up and breakdown, signs, mile markers, turn signs, cones, timing, to end of race awards. They provide 5 volunteers to help with the above. They take care of $$, web links, advertising/marketing.
  • 4-6 weeks following event we do a recap and they take out their fee and cut us a check for the rest. OR we can take care of fees/registration and pay them. Little more involved for us if we do the leg work.
  • Hermes has a partnership with Dicks to provide us with bags and coupons to fill for packet pick-up (we still stuff bags but they give is everything we need). Packet pickup is usually Friday at a designated location.
  • Hermes works closely with 5 Guys and Bruegger’s Bagels– these stores will be at event depending on our location.
  • Two ways to run timing: pull tags $1.00 per person or chip timing $2.25 per person. Bibs are 25 cents per person – Total cost is $1.25 or $2.50 depending on which we choose.
  • OPTIONAL SERVICES include: sound system if needed; shirts; and other.
  • Hermes marketing would benefit us. Once we set date they start advertising. They have a guide book for the year on race locations, we will be included; can advertise for a fee $200 - $300 depending on ad size.
    Once we have registration forms printed Hermes will take to all other races and pass out.
    Hermes emails customer base of 90,000+ newsletters and we will be promoted throughout year and heavily promoted 2 months leading up to our race
  • September/October good time for race. May-June-July Hermes is slammed with events.
  • We will need at least 10 – 15 volunteers from our group to help out the day of.
  • FEEDBACK 2014: Liked course, wished there were mile markers and timer at ½ way point, course needed to be marked better, clock could have been bigger when crossing finish line, consider doing a 5K and 10K day of event, have a band/music after race and during awards.
  • DISCUSSION: Given frustrations with course management this year Hermes sounds like a better option. More established, powerful database of potential runners. More expensive, but it appears benefits might outweigh costs.
  • Drug Mart sounds like it could be a good opportunity to tie in with major sponsor. Carol will pursue with Drug Mart to discuss details.
  • Fox Meadows benefit includes indoor area to perform awards and indoor restrooms. Would have to rent porta potties for Drug Mart location.
  • SATUDARY RUN = FUN FESTIVAL atmosphere; SUNDAY RUN = Targets families.
  • Course from Drug Mart would go through neighborhood. Police assistance for road shut down/safety would be needed.
  • TARGET 2015 = 300 runners. Per Cathy’s quick analysis:

$30 registration X 300 runners = $9,000
COSTS= $4,500 ($15 per runner fees t-shirt, bibs, timing) + Hermes $1,500 = $6,000
PROFIT = $3,000

  • DECISSIONS: Keep SEPT Golf & OCT Race. With help from outside sponsors we think we can work back to back events again. Will look into Sunday race with 9 am start.
  • Carol will follow-up with Hermes and Drug Mart to set race date and location.
  • Jim Mancuso learned that ‘team’ registrations help boost ‘Race with Grace’ numbers. Suggests we promoted this option more next year. Carol to check with Hermes how this would be handled through them.
  • BW3 race packet pick up yielded an extra $75 (based on % purchases).

      C.  BINGO – Carol Mancuso

  • BINGO pull tabs are still going strong with five locations. Need to renew license by 12/31/2014. We are looking to sign additional bars/convenient stores by December 12, 2014. Carol is working closely with All Star Gaming to keep us up to date, legal, and making money!

Bars include:

  • Timko’s Tavern, 89 Northfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44146
  • Ponz Club, 5542 Pearl Rd, Parma, OH 44129
  • It’s Life, 11619 Lorain Ave, OH 44111
  • Island Square Tavern, 11634 Madison Ave., Cleveland, OH 44102
  • Bonnie & Clyde, 13603 Madison Ave, OH 44107

IV.          Discussion of Officers

  • Looking for a new VP representative. Linda needs to take a step back from this position. See notes above regarding Linda Jacobs resignation from board.
  • Is everyone still comfortable holding their positions? If not please let me know.
  • Looking for “new blood” for board members and Foundation work. New VP needed as well as members at large. Carol is concerned about burning out current members with ongoing events. Please forward names and contact information of any new members that might be interested in taking up a stronger position, playing a bigger role, or starting to volunteer.

V.            New Business

A. Upcoming Events

  • Nov/Dec – Will be selling hand/glove sets. Carol will get new pictures to Shawn to put up on website. She will also promote on Face Book. Please “Like” and “Share”
  • Feb. 20, 2015 Night at the Races – 6:00 - Midnight
    • PCI Entertainment is secured and ready to go. As we get closer Carol will schedule a meeting with them to see what is needed in “Man-Power” on our end. We are going to need volunteers to run the betting, oversee auction bidding, ticket sales, and side boards. 18 and older if you are suggesting kids to help out.
    • Carol working through Kohl’s to secure corporate volunteers and associated donation.
    • Event will be at Weymouth CC in Medina. Tentative prices: individual tickets $30 each; tables $200. It will be cheaper to buy a table as opposed to individual tickets. Tables need to be purchased with ONE check.
    • Total of 110 horses to sell @ $25 each. Owner of the winning horse gets $50 back from the winning race. Carol asked each board member to sell 10 horses. We also have 12 races to sell sponsorships for @ $50 a race. Priority is selling horses first!! Carol distributed forms to board members for selling.
    • Please SELL HORSES BY THE END OF DECEMBER! As you get them please email or get the paperwork over to Carol for her to track what is sold or not!
    • Check or cash only, Checks made payable to Friends of DBA
    • Donation request letters are going out the end of October.
    • SAVE THE DATE cards will drop mid-November, before the Holiday mail rush!
    • Selling Ads in program book? Feedback – too much for first time out. Market and audience isn’t big enough or established yet to warrant.
    • TARGET = fill the room with 350+. Jim and Carol would like this to be our biggest attended event to date!


  • Kathy suggested having a central person coordinating volunteers leading up to and during the day of the event to take the load off Carol.
  • Descriptions of jobs ahead of time and someone to verify and communicate with volunteers consistently might avoid cancellations or other issues.
  • On-line volunteer solicitation sites available.
  • Kathy will follow-up and provide volunteer information from the duck races she participated in for her son’s baseball team.


  • Carol is working with local colleges to see about having interns work on grants for us.
  • If any grants are approved the Foundation will give a donation back to the school/group as payment. Per Dawn, our accountant, this saves paperwork and tax issues.


  • Luke suggested having a basic DBA fact sheet for anyone soliciting or communicating about the Foundation and the events.
  • Carol said Shawn would work on something easy for everyone to use. He has already started on something for the website.

VI.           Closing

Carol Mancuso, Executive Director
Carol thanked everyone for coming and said she would set the next Board meeting within the next 3 months; before January 27, 2015 since we need four meetings in a calendar year to fulfill our 5013c status.

In the meantime, there will be other sub-committee meetings and communications as needed between members.

Carol Mancuso ended the meeting at 8:30 p.m.